80bytes was founded in 2010 from a group of people with a significant experience in the fields of computer science and internet. Before this, there had been many years of participation in the development of a great number of complicated software projects involving medical data management systems, news portals, educational software as well as popular e-shops.

Our goal is to transform interesting and ambitious ideas into modern, functional and effective websites, web applications and e-shops. In that way, we want people and businesses that trust us to achieve optimum results, taking advantage of the endless potential of internet and social media.

To learn more about us, take a look at the services we offer, as well as the projects we have already developed.

Our team

80bytes - Η ομάδα - Κωνσταντίνος

Software Engineer

Has over ten years in software development in fields such as education, news and healthcare.

Furthermore he has extensive experience on developing websites, e-shops and custom web applications.

80bytes - Η ομάδα - Χρήστος

Social Media Expert

He is one of the first Greek internet users (1993), and an internet professional since 1999.

He has worked on numerous web projects such as development of websites, applications, e-shops, etc.

Over the last few years he is also combining his love for marketing, offering social media marketing services: strategy, planning, daily operations, community management, brand online reputation management as well as Facebook applications.

80bytes - Η ομάδα - Δημήτρης

E-learning Specialist

Having related studies as well as working experience on both computer science and education, he is the "professor" of our team.

His teaching experience involves not only in-person teaching, but also, asynchronous distance learning courses with elementary and high school students, university students and adults.

Furthermore, since 2007he has been involved in the development of websites, e-shops, e-learning portals, customer training and remote problem solving.

80bytes - Η ομάδα - Νικόλας


He is a fourth generation professional photographer, with over ten years of experience in photographing archaeological sites and tourist attractions, as well as archaeological artifacts and products for both publications and websites.

He is also involved in the making of 360 virtual tours for archaeological sites and tourist attractions and hotel facilities.

Last but not least, he is active in photographing business portraits and building professional résumés (CVs).